The Adventures of Superman: “Batman’s Great Mystery:”

Original Air Dates: February 5-17, 1948

Performance Date: September 14, 2008

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…Yes, it’s Superman! One of America's best-loved superheroes made his debue in the comics in 1938. His radio debut came in 1940 in New York City and in 1942 across the country. “The Adventures of Superman” ran on radio until 1951. The program ran several times a week in serial format.

The identity of the actor playing Superman was a well-kept secret until 1946 when it was revealed that it was, indeed, Bud Collyer. The role of Lois Lane was portrayed by various actresses over the years—including Joan Alexander, Rolly Bester, and Helen Choate.

After his time on raio, Superman went on to live a long life on television and in film.

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