Stop Hogging the Spotlight

Stop Hioggin the Spotlight

The Jack Benny Program: "Orson Welles takes the gang to his Movie Studio"

Original Air Dates: Originally broadcast March 21, 1943
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(Excerpt from) The Bing Crosby / Rosemary Clooney Show: "Anything You Can So, I Can Do Better"

Original Air Dates:Originally aired October 31, 1961
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The Danny Kaye Show: "Guest Star Betty Hutton"

Original Air Dates: Originally aired January 4, 1946
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Our Performance Date: April 14, 2013
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Our first show today features two individuals who can more than fill any or microphone, spotlight, and movie screen on their own. Because of their wacky personalities, high energy, and crazy songs, it seemed highly unlikely that "the Vitamin Pill with Legs" and "Court Jester" would ever work together. And if they did, it would be too much for anyone to handle.
Well, on January 4, 1946, it happened. Betty Hutton had just completed her movie, Stork Club and was going about the circuit promoting it. And apparently someone thought it was about time that she and Danny met, and the rest you'll see-or rather, hear-unfold. Be sure to have your earplugs ready. BOn a personal note, we my wife and I love these two individuals and they have been a large influence during our formative years, so we are honored to be able to recreate this historical moment for you.
In between shows, we'll take a quick visit to another "couple" show, as Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby entertain us with what seems that they have a little difference of opinion that they need to settle. During the late 50s and early 60, television was in full swing, and yet, these two still held the airwaves with their own show filled with songs and little sketches. This particular excerpt aired October 31, 1961.
Then we go back in time to March 21, 1943 where we find out that Jack Benny had gotten quite ill with the flu and was unable to appear on his own show. Instead of cancelling (it's not like they did reruns back then) a temporary replacement host agreed to fill in for the entire week. For years already, this actor had been building his overblown reputation as a legend of stage, screen and radio, as actor, director, writer and producer. But when Jack's Writers got a hold of him, a new Orson Welles reputation was born. One that ended up living longer than the real Orson Welles. In fact, late in his life, Welles waxed very analytical about his appearances on Benny: "I used to play Orson Welles all the time on Jack Benny. . . that's the Orson Welles everyone thinks I am." He continued by quipping, "the secretary used to atomize the microphone before I'd speak into it!"B

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