Tricks and Treats

“Tricks and Treats” featuring:

The Life of Riley: “The Haunted House”

My Friend Irma: “Irma and Jane See a Ghost”

Original Air Dates: October 29, 1944; June 29, 1954

Performance Date: October 30, 2005

The Life of Riley was one of the most popular radio series of all-time. Featuring William Bendix as Riley, the series began as a summer replacement series in 1941 and later premiered as a full-fledged program in 1944. It ran until 1951.

It was so popular that it was turned into a 1949 film and, later, a television series and a comic book.

My Friend Irma was a popular, long-running radio comedy that began airing in 1947. It became so popular that it later transferred to film (the 1949 film with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis), television, and the Sunday Funnies.

The series focused on the antics of the innocent, and slightly dim-witted, title character Irma, her roommate Jane Stacey, and Irma's deadbeat boyfriend Al. The cast featured Marie Wilson, Cathy Lewis, John Brown, Alan Reed, and Bea Benaderet.

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