First Show/Last Show

First Show/Last Show

The Life of Riley: “Are We Ever Going to Get a Car?”

Original Air Dates: Unknown; November 22, 1947

The Jack Benny Program: “Trouble with Twombley"”

Original Air Dates: May 27, 1955

Performance Date: July 1, 2012

It was ten years ago when we did our first performance at the Oak Park Arms. None of us knew if it was going to work. Would we keep everyone's interest? Would we be enteratining? This was the first episode that we did, all by itself. And when the bows began, so did the applause, and we knew we were doing something good.
Now, celebrating the final show in our 10th Anniversary, celebrating our 10 best shows, it's only fitting that we end the season with this show, "The Life Of Riley". It was funny the first time, it would be sure to get laughs again. However, there was a new problem. This was the only show that we did without a partner.
So we decided to find another comedy worthy of pairing with our first OTR recreation. And it seemed to only make sense that we should pay tribute to one of the last OTR episodes ever to air. After a little research, we discovered that as television grew more popular in the 50s radio began to lose it's audience. But a few powerhouse shows managed to hold on. Many attribute the final bell of Old Time Radio to be the last episode of "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar." But not long before that aired, the final comedy to enter people's homes via the radio was "the Lucky Strike Program, Starring Jack Benny." In this episode, Jack and the gang are signing off for the season and Twombley, the sound effects man is frustrated that he doesn't have anything that really shows off his sound effects skill. So he takes matters into his own hand. (There is no actual indication that they were not planning on coming back, but Jack does manage not once, but twice, to thank his cast and staff.)
And with that, Jack and the gang went on their summer break, as did we.

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