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“Haloween Classics” featuring:

Inner Sanctum: “The Dead Laugh”

Baby Snooks: “Halloween”

Original Air Dates: September 23, 1946; November 1, 1946

Performance Date: October, 2003

Inner Sanctum broadcast 526 episodes between 1941 and 1952. The anthology series featured myserty, horror and suspense stories, and regularly featured famous actors such as Frank Sinatra, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, and Orsen Welles.

Baby Snooks was a radio program that ran through much of the 1940s and featured beloved American comenienne Fanny Brice. Brice began doing the character of Baby Snooks in her vaudeville act and it later became a staple of the annual Ziegfield Follies shows. When Baby Snooks took to the radio airwaves in the 1940s it quickly became one of America's most popular radio situation comedies.

In addition to Brice, the program also featured Hanley Stafford, Alan Reed, and Danny Thomas.

This episode, from 1946, helped popularize Halloween and Trick-or-Treating in the United States.

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