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It Pays to Be Ignorant

You Bet Your Life

Original Air Dates: November 24, 1944; April 19, 1950

Performance Date: August, 2004

It Pays to be Ignorant was a radio comedy that aired from 1942 until 1951.

The program was a satire of authoritative, academic discourse evident on such authoritative panel series such as Quiz Kids and Information Please. It featured “a board of experts who are dumber than you are and can prove it.” The panelists were asked questions with obvious answers like “Where did the Boston Tea Party take place?” or “How long does it take for a ship to make a five-day journey?” They would always answer the question incorrectly, providing a humerous answer instead.

You Bet Your Life was a radio, and later television, quiz show famously hosted by Groucho Marx. It first aired in 1947 and continued into the 1960s. it continued to air on television in syndication into the early 1970s.

The shows format consisted of teams (usually of one man and one woman chosen from the audience) who were given a bankroll of $20. They then wagered part or all of their money on a series of questions. When contestants lost their bankroll or if it fell below a certain level, they were given a question with an obvious answer (like “Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?”) in the hopes that they answer the question correctly.

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