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“The Trouble with Gambling” featuring:

The Adventures of Maisie: “In Las Vegas”

Abbott & Costello: “Shootin’ Dice” (from Buck Privates)

The Life of Riley: “Riley Teaches Junior a Gambling Lesson”

Original Air Dates: April 5, 1951; October 13, 1941; April 27, 1946

Performance Date: November, 2003

The Adventures of Maisie was a radio comedy series starring Ann Southern as underemployed entertainer Maisie Ravier. Airing on CBS Radio, and later on the Mutual Radio Network, from 1945-1952, the program was a spin-off of Southern’s successful 1939-1947 Maisie films.

The supporting cast included Hy Averback, Arthur Q. Brown, Hans Conreid and Lurene Tuttle. It popularized the catchphrase “Likewise, I’m Sure.”

Abbott & Costello’s Buck Privates was the 1941 film that turned Bud Abbott and Lou Costello into movie stars. It was the first comedy to lampoon the 1940 peacetime draft. They performed a version of the film on Lux Radio Theater on October 13, 1941.

The Life of Riley was one of the most popular radio series of all-time. Featuring William Bendix as Riley, the series began as a summer replacement series in 1941 and later premiered as a full-fledged program in 1944. It ran until 1951.

It was so popular that it was turned into a 1949 film and, later, a television series and a comic book.

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