Fire Fighters

“Fire Fighters!”

Original Air Date: 1948

Performance Date: September 12, 2010

Fire Fighters! is a radio show about the “true stories” of American fighters. It is a highly entertaining and informative show about the realities of fire fighters. Most of the shows follow the same pattern: a fire-related mystery needs to be solved and after interviews, research, and discussion the solution is eventually found. This exciting, and rare, show is a thrilling dramatization of the lives of America’s Fire Fighters.

Fire Fighters! follows the adventures of a young rookie fireman as he faces the demon of fire. Join Tim as he rides on the fire truck towards the latest event, a burning tenement building; go inside as he battles the flames to save a woman on the top floor, and work side by side with Fire Chief Cody to figure out how the burning blaze started.


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