Father's Day

“Father’s Day” featuring:

The Lone Ranger: “The Return Of Butch Cavendish”

The Green Hornet: “Too Hot To Handle”

Original Air Dates: January 30, 1953; November 11, 1947

Performance Date: May 18, 2008

The Lone Ranger premiered on January 30,1933 on WXYZ, a station serving Detroit, Michigan. It was an immediate success, and, although aimed at children, adults made up half of its audience. It became so popular that it was quickly picked up by the Mutual Broadcasting System and later NBC. The last new episode was broadcast on September 3, 1954.

To this day, its theme music, Rossini’s “March of the Swiss Soldiers” finale from the William Tell overture.

The Green Hornet was a spin-off of The Lone Ranger depicting the adventures of the son of the Lone Ranger’s nephew as he fights crime in a contemporary setting. The Green Hornet premiered on WXYZ on January 31, 1936 and, later, was picked up by the Mutual Broadcasting Network and NBC. It ran until September, 1950, and returned for a brief run in late 1952.

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