What's That Sound Behind the Door?

“What’s That Sound Coming From Behind The Door?” featuring:

The Screen Director’s Playhour: “The Uninvited”

Suspense: “The House in Cypress Canyon”

Original Air Dates: November 18, 1949; December 5, 1946

Performance Date: October 29, 2006

The Screen Director’s Playhouse was a popular radio anthology series that ran from 1949 until 1951. The program regularly featured famous Hollyward stars—including Fred Astaire, Bette Davis, Kirk Douglas, James Mason, and Loretta Young.

This episode, “The Univited,” featured Ray Milland, June Foray, John Dehner and Lewis Allen in a classic English ghost story.

Suspense was one of the premier radio dramas from the Golden Age of Radio, airing on CBS from 1942 until 1962. The program regularly featured leading stars of the era, including Joseph Cotton, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Henry Fonda, and Lena Horne. It was sub-titled “Radio’s outstanding theater of thrills.”

For all but a few episodes, formula plot devices were used. These included having an ordinary person suddenly dropped into a threatening or bizarre situation, solutions were usually withheld until the last possible second, and evildoers were punished at the end.

The episode presented here, “The House in Cypress Canyon,” is from December, 1946. This episode featured the story of a couple who move into what seems to be an ideal house, except for one sealed closet from which strange animalistic sounds emanate and blood runs out from under the door. It starred Robert Taylor.

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