Darn That Science

“Darn That Science” featuring:

Quiet, Please: “The Pathetic Fallacy”

Lights Out: “Oxychloride X”

Original Air Dates: February 2, 1948; January 26, 1948

Performance Date: October 24, 2010

Quiet, Please had its roots in Campbell Playhouse and its predecessor Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater. Although the series focused heavily on fantasy, horror and suspense, scripts sometimes veered into romance, science fiction, crime, family drama, and comedy. Most stories had a strong moralist tone where evil-doers were punished and good was rewarded.

Unlike other radio dramas, Quiet, Please featured fewer sound effects and less dialogue. Instead it focused on first person narration to drive its stories. It ran for three seasons and never achieved widespread popularity.

Lights Out ran, in various forms and on various networks, from 1934 through 1947. It was extremely popular, and focused on horror and suspense stories. The program experimented with narrative techniques like stream-of-consciousness and first person narration before these techniques were popularized by Orson Welles. Beginning in the late 1930s, the program began to incorporate social and political themes into its scripts to reflect the creator’s antifacist liberalism.

NBC brought Lights Out to television in 1946. Although the first episode received rave reviews (Variety said “...undoubtedly one of the best dramatic shows yet seen on a television screen”), it did not become a regular NBC series until 1949. It ran on television until 1952. In 1972, NBC attemped to revive Lights Out, but the new series was not well received.

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