The Cinnamon Bear

The Cinnamon Bear

Original Air Dates: November-December 1937

Performance Date: December 23, 2012

It's been a Chicago tradition for 75 years. Since 1938, Chicago families have gathered around the radio and delighted in the holiday adventures of Judy, Jimmy and the lovable Paddy O'Cinnamon as they traveled through the weird and wonderful Maybeland in search of their missing silver star to adorn their Christmas tree--the clock ticking as Christmas Day comes closer and closer. On their magical journey they meet all sorts of exciting characters. Some of them are friendly, like Queen Melissa, while others are not so nice, like the Wintergreen Witch. But all of them are memorable.
Traditionally, WGN radio would air the first episode on Thanksgiving day and continue with a new a new 12 minute episode of this sweet adventure would air every day after that, each one ending with the two children and their friends in some sort of new predicament and children would have to wait a whole day to find our what happens next.
While it would take nearly 5 hours to do all 26 episodes, we're going to recreate a condensed version of selected episodes of this classic Chicago holiday tradition for you.
So join us as Judy and Jimmy discover their silver start is missing and they embark on their wondrous journey into Maybeland to bring it back. Along the way, we'll meet the Crazy Quilt Dragon, Nicky Frudle, Jack Frost, and we'll even head up to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus himself.
Fun for the whole family (perfect for children of all ages) here's your chance to see and hear this show come to new life, packed with delightful music, wonderful characters, and exciting adventures that every child will enjoy.
This is our holiday gift to you as we celebrate and bring to life the 75th Anniversary of a Chicago holiday classic.

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