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The Best of “Christmas Command Performance”

Original Air Date: Various (1942-1949)

Performance Date: December 19, 2010

During World War II, radio played its part in supporting our troops. Time and again, shows like G.I. Jive, Jubilee, and Your Hit Parade gathered the best performers from all over to perform for the American fighting forces. But none was as successful as the long running “Command Performance.” Hailed by Time Magazine as “the best wartime program in America,” this program ran from 1942 until 1949, and featured literally hundreds of Hollywood’s best actors, actresses, singers, musicians, and celebrities of all types, all donating their time and talent to entertain the troops.

Another thing that made this program unique is that it was broadcast on the short wave “Armed Forces Radio Network” so, therefore, the general American public rarely got to enjoy such great talent like Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, Virginia O’Brien, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Cass Daley, Phil Harris, Jack Benny, and Danny Kaye recreating their classic and memorable routines and songs.

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Video of Our Performance

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