SUNDAY, August 21 at 2:00 pm

"Classic Fairy tales... with a twist"

Columbia Workshop

"Mary and the Fairy"

Originally broadcast: August 31, 1941

CBS Radio Workshop

"Speaking of Cinderella" or "If the Shoe Fits..."

Originally broadcast: February 15, 1945

PLUS: special appearances by Uncle Jazzbo and The Story Lady.

"Once upon a time..." as all good fairy tales begin, and so begins our 15th season of old time radio recreations. But before you think these are your ordinary fairy tales, consider this:
Tale #1:
What would you do if you entered a contest and won, and appearing at your door was a fairy to deliver your grand prize of three wishes. You'd know exactly what to wish for… wouldn't you? But what if there were some rules and stipulations you had to follow, limitations to what you could and couldn't wish for? And magic can be very precise. You have to be very specific if your wording. After all, you just may get what you said… but perhaps you didn't really want.Such is the case of "Mary and the Fairy" which originally aired April 6, 1954 on the Columbia Workshop.
Tale #2
We all know the story of Cinderella: how she lived with her evil step-mother and step-sisters who wouldn't let her go to the ball. How her fairy godmother gave her a beautiful dress and a carriage made from a pumpkin, and how she ran home at the stroke of midnight only to leave a glass slipper behind. At least, that's the romantic version. But wouldn't you like to know how it really went? How she was mixed up in the nightclub scene, caught up in the seedy underworld and the creator of a brilliant advertising campaign?Of course you do. And it's all thanks to the BCS Radio Workshop and their episode of "Speaking of Cinderella" (or "If the shoe fits...)" which originally aired April 6, 1954

Also, we will feature special appearances by Uncle Jazzbo and The Story Lady to offer their own unique takes on classic tales of wishes, witches and princesses and fairies.

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Presents…

Fairy Tales

All performances at:

The Oak Park Arms
408 South Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear is a radio troupe comprised of professional actors and voice-over artists and has been providing top-notch entertainment to Oak Park Arms residents and the near by community for 14 years.


  • October 9, Lux radio Theater - "In Old Chicago"
  • November 20, TBD
  • January 8, 2017 TBD
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