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The Lucky Strike Program, with Jack Benny

Jack Buys Shoelaces for Don

originally aired Originally aired Dec 8, 1946

Jack Returns Don's Shoelaces

originally aired Originally aired Dec 15, 1946

Stan Freberg - "Green Christmas"

originally aired Originally aired 1958

Christmas is filled with traditions-from egg nog and plum pudding to singing carols door to door or kissing under the mistletoe. And shopping. Lots and lots of shopping.
Every year, stores all over the country open their doors and welcome their customers and invite them to buy lots and lots of wonderful gifts to give their loved ones on Christmas day.
That is, all except one store. It's the store that Jack Benny visits every year.
You see, Jack sometimes just can't seem to make up his mind on what to get for his friends. He wants it to be the perfect gift, but also he's cautious about spending too much money. And then there's the presentation of it-should it be gift wrapped, should it have a bow? There are just way too many decisions to make shopping simple. Which is why the local department store will often provide a knowledgeable clerk ready to help with all the shopping needs.
Yes, you would think it would be just that simple. But not when Jack Benny is involved.

For many years, this standard setup was the basis of an annual holiday tradition-Jack going shopping. And it always resulted in the same basic outcome-Jack will drive the clerk nuts.

Join us as we present two hilarious episodes of the Jack Benny Program as Jack first heads to the department store with the gang to purchase shoelaces for Don. But he can't seem to decide if he should get ones with plastic tips, or ones with metal tips. And every time he changes his mind, it breaks the clerk down just a little more, until… well, you'll just have to find out.
And then on the following week's episode, Jack presents his present to Don with unexpected results that sends him back to the department store, only to find that the clerk has been replaced… with his wife. Will she be able to handle Jack better? Come and find out.
As a special holiday treat, we are also adding in Stan Freberg's "Green Christmas", a comedic look at Christmas and Consumerism.
It's our merry holiday present from us to you.
It all happens, Sunday, December 30 at 2:00 at the Oak Park Arms.
Free and Fun for the whole family.

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Presents…

A Jack Benny Christmas

All performances at:

The Oak Park Arms
408 South Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear is a radio troupe comprised of professional actors and voice-over artists and has been providing top-notch entertainment to Oak Park Arms residents and the near by community for 14 years.


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