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The Old Gold Comedy Theater: "A Slight Case of Murder"

Originally broadcast: April 8, 1945>

The Saint: "The Horrible Hamburger"

Originally broadcast: September 10, 1950

They say it's hard to play a tough guy. But then they also say that comedy is hard.
Imagine just how hard it is to be a funny tough guy.
And yet, a handful of skilled actors have managed to do it.
Look at Edward G. Robinson. Of course he's done wonderful dramatic roles, but he's best known for his portrayal of gangsters-ruthless killers, law breakers, leaders of the underworld whose goal is to instill fear in all those who might get in their way. But what if you were a gangster who was going legit? And what if a dead body was discovered in your home that you had nothing to do with, but you know the blame will be put on you? And what if it turns out your own daughter is marrying a policeman? Well then, you'd have to get rid of the body wouldn't you? But then again, getting rid of a body isn't so easy. In fact, it's quite funny. At least that's the case in The Old Gold Comedy Theater's production of "A Slight Case of Murder" which originally aired April 8, 1945. Robinson does everything he can to prove that he's no longer a sinner, but a saint.Speaking of which, there's Vincent Price. Another classic baddie who had his own series as a wisecracking investigator known as The Saint. Trouble just seems to find him, even when he's on vacation. After all, what would you do if you discovered a dead body in the trunk of your car-one that you had nothing to do with? Who put it there? And why? And how? And more importantly, what are you going to do now?
And somehow, Vincent manages to play it cool.
You'd think with all these dead bodies going around, comedy under these circumstances would be tough. But it's the tough that make the comedy.

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