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"Jack Benny VS. The Quiz Kids"

Quiz Kids
"Guest Jack Benny"

Originally broadcast: April 16, 1942

"The Quiz Kids Contest"

Originally broadcast: May 12, 1946

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? What? You think Jeff Foxworthy came up with a new idea? Adults have been pondering this question for ages, wondering if they still had the wits and wisdom to take on a student in the prime of their education. (Don't worry, we know you're still smart.)
However, while you might fare well against an ordinary child, it's likely you're no match for "The Quiz Kids". This popular radio program of the 40s featured real kids of all ages answering questions sent in by listening fans. And you had to be on top of your game to get on this show, regardless of your age. Kids from all over Chicagoland, from 6 to 16 were selected to appear on the program because of their high IQ and high academic interests as well as their engaging personalities. The show began in 1940 and was such a success that it ran on the radio for 13 years and then continued on television until 1956.
They even competed against the professors from the University of Chicago (guess who won).
Several of the children lasted quite a long time on the show and became minor celebrities, such as Gerard Darrow and Joel Kupperman (who both appear on our program) and the winner would receive a $100 savings bond.
And, of course, if there was free money to be had, it was only natural that at some point Jack Benny would pose as a grade school child and appear on the show in an attempt to win that money. And he did just that on April 10, 1941 and competed alongside four of Chicago's smartest children to be the smartest.
Suffice to say he didn't do very well. So nearly five years later, on May 12, 1946, Jack sought his revenge and pitted a new group of Quiz Kids against his own team of Phil Harris, Mary Livingston, and Dennis Day in a head to head competition to finally determine who was smarter: "The Quiz Kids" or "the Benny Kids".

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Quiz Kids

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